13 kids die on the street every day.
The mission of standup is to help street kids.
Will you standup for kids?

"I lived on the streets and slept in doorways. I begged for food on corners and ate out of dumpsters. I bathed in the river. The help StandUp For Kids provided for me was amazing. Thank you for your faith in all of us."


Will You StandUp For Kids?

The mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness throughout the United States.

We do this, every day, in cities across America. We carry out our mission through our volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives.

If you are a youth in need of assistance, please contact us on our outreach line at 1-888-365-4543.

Message From the National Office

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Homelessness is not just an adult problem. Teen homelessness rates are on the rise. Our concern is that homeless kids are the most likely target of human traffickers, pornographers and gangs. These vulnerable kids are forced to endure unimaginable horrors, just to survive. Our main focus is on prevention; providing an array of resources and services to help homeless youth on their journey to self-sufficient adulthood. Our goal: Change the notion that youth are on the streets because they want to be!

Help us StandUp for Kids. Our organization is always looking for volunteers in each of our Chapters or you may select to make a donation by hitting the Donate Now button or mailing a donation to the address below. Our programs, volunteers, staff and especially our homeless youth rely on and appreciate your support.

StandUp For Kids National
83 Walton Street, NW, Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Juanita Mitchell
StandUp For Kids National

StandUp and Stand Tall

This is what StandUp For Kids is about. We help each other StandUp.

Volunteers and kids together create a family and unite to help each other StandUp and Stand Tall.

Thank you Brooke and Richard!

CNN anchors put their 1970’s knowledge to the test on June 8th on "The CNN Quiz Show: Seventies Edition", hosted by Anderson Cooper. Brooke Baldwin and Richard Quest chose StandUp For Kids as their charity of choice.  Brooke and Richard tied for second place and StandUp For Kids will be receiving $10,000!!!! 

We are most grateful to have been selected personally by the anchors.  We hope the national exposure of our organization will pique other's interest and inspire them to find out more about us and the issue of youth homelessness.

More information, including videos, can be found at the link below, and don't forget to check your local listings for reruns of the show!


StandUp For Kids and AmazonSmile!

Now, shopping on Amazon can raise money for StandUp For Kids! Whenever you shop on smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to StandUp For Kids.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service...but now with a charitable contribution.



StandUp For Kids



Help us stop youth homelessness in America.

For only $29 a month, we can provide each sponsored youth with basic access to medical professionals, nutrition, education, employment, and housing. Read more by clicking here.

Together, we can help put an end to youth homelessness. Take the leap today and become a sponsor!


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