13 kids die on the street every day.
The mission of standup is to help street kids.
Will you standup for kids?

"I lived on the streets and slept in doorways. I begged for food on corners and ate out of dumpsters. I bathed in the river. The help StandUp For Kids provided for me was amazing. Thank you for your faith in all of us."


Will You StandUp For Kids?

The mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness throughout the United States.

We do this, every day, in cities across America. We carry out our mission through our volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives.

If you are a youth in need of assistance, please contact us on our outreach line at 1-888-365-4543.

Big news coming soon!
Stay tuned for more details in early 2015.


Nikki & DJ's Story

Jacksonville Chapter

We met Nikki & DJ on the streets of downtown Jacksonville, FL and were gravitated to their magical
smiles. Nikki came from long history of abuse and fell in love with DJ. DJ was abandoned by his mom and
saw his dad die of a stroke at the age of eleven. Shortly after that he runaway and was living on the streets
ever since. DJ was 19 and Nikki was 20 and in need of desperate help. We were happy to meet them and
offered our help.

After receiving some counseling, love, encouragement, and friendship, they are on their way to self-sufficiency.
We were able to find DJ a suit. One of our volunteers hemmed his pants, and that following week he had a
job interview. He got the job, and now DJ and Nikki have an apartment they call home. Nikki & DJ’s beautiful
story encourages us to continue with the mission of ending the cycle of youth homelessness in the United States.

StandUp For Kids and AmazonSmile!

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StandUp For Kids


Message from the National Office


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Teen homelessness rates are on the rise. Our concern is that homeless kids are the most likely target of human traffickers, pornographers and gangs. These vulnerable kids are forced to endure unimaginable horrors, just to survive. Our main focus is on prevention; providing an array of resources and services to help homeless youth on their journey to self-sufficient adulthood.

STANDUP FOR KIDS makes numerous presentations throughout the year, educating the general public, civic organizations, schools and church groups to the plight of homeless, street kids and at-risk youth. We focus on expanding training for our volunteers and staff through webinars, teleconferences, in-house training, etc. Our goal: Change the notion that youth are on the streets because they want to be!

39% of the homeless population is young people under 18.

13 kids die on the streets every day from abuse, disease and suicide. That's 5,000 kids a year.

1 in 7 kids between ages 10 and 18 will run away.

46% of homeless youth left their home because of physical abuse. 17% left because of sexual abuse.

The average age a teen becomes homeless is 14.7 years. Half of the homeless youth population is under the age of 15.

To achieve our goals for the many programs we have to reduce teen homelessness, we are asking our community members for their continued donations. Your generous support will directly impact the lives of homeless kids and help at-risk teens across the United States.

Our programs, volunteers, staff and especially our homeless youth rely on and appreciate your support. Please take a moment now to make a donation online at http://www.standupforkids.org/ or mail your donation to:

StandUp For Kids - National
83 Walton Street, NW, Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Please share our request with friends and family. Your thoughtful donations are tax deductible.

On behalf of STANDUP FOR KIDS, we thank you for your generosity, as we could not accomplish our mission without the support of our amazing donors and supporters.

Juanita Mitchell
StandUp For Kids - National

StandUp For Kids - Worcester Outreach Center Opens!

StandUp For Kids - Worcester is happy to announce that the opening of their Outreach Center has been a great success. Partnering with several local organizations, the center is located in a newly renovated house in the heart of Worcester. Through the StandUp For Kids space, local youth have access to showers, a washer and dryer, computers, and more. Stone Soup Worcester is the key organizational partner which spearheaded this collaboration. Through them and other partners in the house, the youth also have access to employment assistant services, meeting spaces, an arts and crafts area, a free resource library, and more. The center is managed by volunteer counselors and is open for four hour blocks several days each week.

The benefits of the center and this strategic partnership were clear within the first couple weeks. The young adults initially contacted through street outreach now have a place to go and a place to find the services they need. They have strengthened their relationships with outreach counselors and even developed connections with each other.

Brenna Merrill, Director of Youth Outreach for StandUp For Kids - Worcester, is originally from just outside Chicago but came to Worcester to attend Clark University. She currently oversees each shift at the center. "Street outreach is incredibly useful in making contact with different people in the city and helping them with their current needs," she said. "The outreach center, on the other hand, provides a place for young adults to come, seek respite, and receive more long-term services."

Stay updated on the center by following on social media: @SUFKWorcester on Twitter & "StandUp For Kids - Worcester" on Facebook.


Help us stop youth homelessness in America.

For only $29 a month, we can provide each sponsored youth with basic access to medical professionals, nutrition, education, employment, and housing. Read more by clicking here.

Together, we can help put an end to youth homelessness. Take the leap today and become a sponsor!


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