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Apartment Support

Once we’re successful in helping kids get off the streets, the real test begins. If it takes nine months to get a long-term homeless kid off the streets, it may take twice that long working with them in an apartment environment before they feel fully capable and comfortable with taking care of themselves. Apartment support teams will monitor the apartment situation and help young renters build a life centered around their community.

Apartment support includes, but is not limited to, helping with the following:

  • Assistance in locating apartments (and taking care of the apartment)
  • Life skills training, including the fundamentals of living alone and supporting one’s self
  • Support in developing a follow-up plan after being placed in an independent living situation
  • Providing a weekly food basket
  • Assistance with providing clothes
  • Support in furnishing apartments
  • Assistance with providing counseling and moral support
  • Referrals for medical and dental support
  • Housing stipends