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StandUp For Kids - Outreach Center

The intent and purpose of a StandUp For Kids Outreach Center is to provide a safe and protective environment for homeless and at-risk youth, thereby fostering the needed support network of basic human needs and development through educational programs, one-on-one counseling, and an ongoing atmosphere of hope and concern.

The Outreach Center must first be easily accessible to the kids. Generally, in a convenient downtown location, and provide the following:

  • A safe environment to rest
  • The place to make meaningful relationships with caring adults
  • Referral services for available programs throughout the community
  • Meals and snacks
  • Telephone messages and mail service
  • Hygiene products
  • Job referral service
  • Apartment finding service (and assistance with furnishing an apartment)
  • Identification services (Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, and etc.
  • Educational assistance (books, transportation passes, etc.)
  • Internet services for education instruction
  • Counseling referral service
  • Learn Independent Living Skills to get ready for an apartment
  • A place for kids to receive ongoing training

(Some centers may have showers and the capability to do laundry)


We currently have Outreach Centers, or drop-in facilities, in the following cities:
  • San Diego, California (
  • Orange County, California (
  • Oceanside, California (
  • Chicago, Illinois (
  • Silicon Valley, California (
  • Worcester, Massachusetts (
  • Hampton Roads, Virginia (
  • Houston, Texas (