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2013 Paul Grudis Volunteer Award

March 27, 2014

StandUp For Kids - Olympia Washington’s Executive Director, Ruth Dodson, received a major award for her dedication to a charity recognized by the Washington State Employees Combined Fund Drive.

The Combined Fund Drive is a State Employee run organization promoting ways for State Employees to donate, including monthly payroll contributions, to a wide list of accepted charities; StandUp For Kids - Olympia being one of them. Their Combined Fund Drive Recognition Ceremony was set at the Lacey Community Center, with approximately 200 guests, and featured the Washington Secretary of State as the evening’s keynote speaker. The event was to honor state employees who have dedicated their time to either raise money for a charity, or who have dedicated their time participating in a charity.

Ruth Dodson was awarded the 2013 Paul Grudis Volunteer award, the award given to the "ultimate" state employee volunteer, essentially. The award was presented by StandUp For Kids - Olympia’s Assistant Executive Director, Joel Black, who was given the opportunity to give a speech not only about Ruth's role in StandUp, but the mission and needs of StandUp For Kids - Olympia as well.

Chelsea Williams (Director of Volunteers), Ruth Dodson (Executive Director), Joel Black (Assistant Executive Director)

LeAnn Rimes "Give" video featuring homeless youth is out now!

Please check out LeAnn Rimes' video for "Give"! The video was shot in Chicago with some of the homeless and street youth in our Chicago program.

Read her blog post, titled "Life Changing", about the video shoot here:

LeAnn Rimes, in filming the video for her new song "GIVE" spent the day in Chicago with some of our homeless and street kids. She said: "I really fell in love with them too. My life is forever changed. One thing they said is no one looks them in the eye when they see them on the streets, so there's a deep loneliness there and a feeling of almost not existing. I will now always look anyone who's homeless in the eye and smile. That smile could make their whole day. It could make them feel like they are alive and a part of the world."

More links about LeAnn working with StandUp For Kids:

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Preventing The Tragedy Of LGBT Youth Homelessness

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Preventing The Tragedy Of LGBT Youth Homelessness