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Thank You!

Thank you to Morgan Stanley for the generous donation of 100 food bags and 30 pairs of new shoes! This is such a big help to us. Our kids were all in desperate need of new shoes. This is a huge deal to them. The food bags will get us through many weeks of street outreach.


Thank you to AAOK Houston for donating the proceeds of "Playing for a Cause" event to StandUp For Kids - Houston! Your efforts are so greatly appreciated. This donation will allow us to purchase many toiletry items, socks and underwear for the kids. Thank you again.

Thanks to Macquarie Capital for their very generous donation.

Randalls Good Neighbor Program

StandUp For Kids has partnered with the Randalls Good Neighbor Program to generate extra income. The Randalls Good Neighbor Program links our supporters' cards to our unique StandUp For Kids account number so we accumulate funds quickly and easily.

For every $50 in groceries you buy, StandUp For Kids receives a Community Buck. All that friends and supports of StandUp For Kids need to do is to link our account number 12099 to their Randalls Remarkable card by completing a Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form. The more people who link their card to the StandUp For Kids account, the more money we will raise.

It is a wonderful way to generate money for the cause without having to do much at all; Randalls donates 2% of the money that was spent through every card that was linked to StandUp For Kids

Check out the Good Neighbor Program on for more information.

Upcoming Events

New Volunteer Training

Please email to RSVP and for details about time and location!

Local Contacts

Executive Director
Eric Zhang
Director of Outreach
Joshua Ramos
Director of Public Relations
Linda Senagoo
Co-Directors of Apartment Support
Denesa Shaw
Valencia Potter
Co-Directors of the Drop-In Center
Connie Shen
Paola Quintero





We hold cell phone drives to collect used cell phones which are recycled. The company that recycles the cell phones gives StandUp For Kids money for all the cell phones we give them to recycle. 100% of the proceeds go to support the mission of StandUp For Kids.


By holding a food, hygiene, and clothing drive, you can help provide us with the items which we deliver to homeless and street kids.


We are in need of volunteers. Without volunteers we cannot meet our mission of helping kids. StandUp For Kids - Houston program is solely supported by volunteers and donations. Whether you can donate 1 hour or 10 hours we need you.  If you would like to find out more about volunteering, email


The Don't Run Away Program is a program that educates students from third to eighth grade on resources, options, who to talk to and how to remove themselves from abusive situations. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to deter kids from street life and to show them that there is someone out there that cares about them. It shows them the way to a safe and healthy living environment; free from undeserved abuse.

The Don't Run Away Program starts with StandUp For Kids volunteers or members from high schools/colleges making presentations to junior high and elementary school classrooms. Volunteers will be trained to speak to classes and will educate the kids on the dangers of running away. Through this presentation, students see how life on the streets is not the right choice and that there are other options to removing themselves from abusive situations. In addition to making presentations, program volunteers will also organize food, clothes and blanket drives as well as other much needed items to benefit StandUp For Kids. If you would like to start a Don't Run Away Program at your school please contact us at

The Search is on. Volunteers NEEDED!

StandUp For Kids is an all volunteer program, so for us to be there for our homeless kids, we need your help! If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved e-mail us or join us at our next volunteer meeting.


Contact the chapter to see how you can help

Email or call us to find out how you can join our all volunteer program helping homeless kids improve their lives

(706) 389-4264