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Do You Have What It Takes To Lead?

StandUp For Kids - Hampton Roads is building its base of committed leadership volunteers. We are looking for dedicated, self-starters who possess the passion and drive to end the cycle of homelessness for youth in Hampton Roads. If you would like to learn more about using your unique skills and talents to make a real difference in the life of homeless youth, please email your resume to Please also include a few sentences about what you wish to achieve by working with us. We will contact you with information about our next volunteer orientation.

High School Mentoring Program kicks off!

StandUp For Kids - Hampton Roads kicks off its High School Mentoring Program at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach, VA in February 2016 partnering with Enactus Old Dominion University.

Special thanks to Tom Crockett with Together We Can and Dr. Constance Merriman, Assistant Dean of Strome College of Business for providing mentor training and Stephanie Flores, StandUp For Kids - Hampton Roads Director of High School Mentoring Program for making this a reality.

Vanguard Championship Wrestling Stands Up For Kids

Local professional wrestlers are trying to defeat a tough opponent -- the factors that contribute to children being homeless.

"Words can't express the way I feel right now for these kids," said wrestler Markie D.

For one special night, Vanguard Championship Wrestling went to the mat for organizations like Hotel Kids and StandUp for Kids.

Everyday, workers and volunteers wrestle with what it takes to provide temporary shelter to keep children out of the cold. They also give them supplies like toiletries and personal coaching to help homeless families and homeless teenagers get strong mentally and get back on their feet.

The VCW wrestlers were trying to provide a night of free fun and entertainment and raise funds so the kids knew someone else cares.

"It's really cool that I'm hanging out with some of the coolest wrestlers here," said Danny, one of the kids being treated like a champ.

"The whole goal really is to have a night that they normally wouldn't get the opportunity to have," said Nick Jones of Vanguard Championship Wrestling.


Help End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness in Hampton Roads!

Young Man Earns GED Thanks to StandUp For Kids

Blaise Burns in graduation robe

At age 14 Blaise was homeless after dropping out of the ninth grade due to circumstances at home. At age 17 he was addicted to drugs and in jail in Syracuse, NY. After his release last October, his brother brought him to Virginia for a second chance at life.

Blaise had trouble staying clean and ended up back on the streets. A talented singer-songwriter, he made money playing guitar for strangers at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach. Exhausted and weary, a friend brought him to the Crow's Nest, a drop-in center run by the Hampton Roads chapter of StandUp For Kids. Click here to continue reading.

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A nest full of gifts? Volunteers hope to turn Virginia Beach art exhibit into a collection for the needy

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Since 1999 StandUp For Kids has partnered with Seton Youth Shelters to host a drop-in center for kids in need, we call "Crow's Nest." Located at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Crow's Nest is open Tues. and Sat. evenings, 7 - 9 p.m. We offer mentoring, help with education and employment, shelter and medical referrals, a warm meal and lots of friendship and unconditional love.

Our volunteers "walk the streets" to assist kids in need. We provide food packages, hygiene products, first aid supplies, survival gear, and a shoulder for them to lean on in times of need. Often a child comes to the center, week after week, for a bite to eat and a bit of social activity. Every week, this young person will begin to open up to a counselor and let us know of his or her distress. Through a simple act of listening we provide the most powerful help.

Together with our volunteers, sponsors and partners we are providing the stability and support critical to the future of these young people.


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